Optimize the managemetn processes of your trade, now is possible

SGI Retail is an aplication stand alone and multi-language, that it allows to use a sale point terminal, tablet or PC, stops the exploitation of an own store, corner or franchise.

Solution designed for small and big trades devoted to different entrepreneurial sectors, in order to manage the different tasks in an easy, effective and fast way for the sale of products.

It allows to create any type of document: tickets, delivery notes, returns, payments, sales orders, transfers, bookings, etc.

Through readers of bar codes, the entry of inventories or receptions of merchandise allows, to create the headquarters incidences for any anomaly.

There is an extense range of functionality, also it has security system that allows to access to different areas of the program depending on the role of each user.

This application works on / off line synchronizing itself with the data of the headquarters in an automatic and transparent way for the user. Provided equally with the selfcheck of new versions that they don’t need the intervention for update the application like of the Data Base.

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The most outstanding features of SGI Retail

  • Easy utilization and navigation for the different utilities.

  • Adaptability of functions on the part of the user.

  • Integration with SAP Business One through InterCompany.

  • Creation of sales documents through POS.

  • Stock Operations between shops and/or warehouses.

  • Immediate data updates (articles/items,customers…).

  • Printing of configurable lists by user proposal.

The benefits of SGI Retail

  • Creation of sales documents.
  • Fast integration of stock.

  • Stock inquiry by store or several.

  • Saving of time in the inventory validation.

  • Automatic data synchronization.

  • Saving of time in the synchronization of data.

  • Control on sale points.

  • Immediate data updates.

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