SGI Project, effective project management

The SGI Project solution allows the management of projects and contracts to respond to the needs of integral management in companies that follow models of excellence in the development of their activities.

Liberal professionals, technology or facility companies and establishments dedicated to various services such as construction, hospitality, cosmetics, pharmacy, among others. Endless businesses that can benefit from tools that allow you to manage and control all of your management activity.

Its integration with SAP Business One ensures the integrity of the data and with it the plausibility of the information obtained in relation to the monitoring of the techniques and methodologies used.

The system allows to face the challenges of the globalized and increasingly demanding market, helping to achieve business success.

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The characteristics of the SGI Project solution

  • Integration with SAP Business One.

  • Adaptable application with the other SGI Solutions modules.
  • Administrative management of projects, calculation of budgets, costs…
  • Treatment of grouped data: update of prices for service concepts, forecast of work orders, creation of orders by phase…
  • Service evaluation with advanced properties, with utilities for evaluating costs and controlling deviations.
  • Planning functionalities: calculation of needs per person, time and calendars.
  • Assistants for the creation, management and closing of work orders.
  • Control of productive capacities according to work centers, resources – people and service calls.
  • Control of internal and external phases in the project process.
  • Work manager and time capture: collecting activity data in order to obtain the information quickly and reliably (professional presence, dedication times, etc.).
  • Automation of standardizable processes in its commercial aspect (billing assistant, generator of offers and orders, etc.).
  • Shipping management: picking for work orders, issuance of marketing documents related to printing the delivery note and closing the product.
  • Traceability of the service: determination of where the work in progress is.
  • Queries of the project status and total times per phase, with the corresponding control of deviations in real time and budget.
  • Review of working parts.
  • Continuous calculation of the variables of the current work cycle (assigned team, associated costs, financial account of the project carried out).
  • Warning system and information flow synchronized with Microsoft Outlook (notifications of actions, tasks, authorizations …).
  • Crystal Reports integration: documents and statements of operations, as well as relationships of work schedules, machines, operators and respective returns. Business analysis from pre-configurable reports in both content and format.
  • File management system: attachment of marketing documents, purchase invoices and files in the same project.
  • Business Intelligenece: multiple different types of reports preconfigured for the analysis of production processes. Likewise, the system is equipped with tools for the creation of other types of reports.

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