Now with the ability to optimize production cycles

SGI Manufacturning is the SGI MRP Solution that allows companies across all sectors effective management and organization of production and quality processes and to automate their product development cycles.

The SGI Manufacturing Solution allows the systematized and organized management of transformation processes in manufacturing companies.

It provides agility and transparency in its global activity, improving the quality of the products obtained and optimizing the resources and productive capacities of the company.

Its integration with SAP Business One allows to carry out in an easy, effective and fast way all the tasks in factories of diverse dimensions and whatever their manufacturing object.

The system allows to face the challenges of the globalized and increasingly demanding market, helping to achieve business success.

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The most outstanding features of SGI Manufacturing

  • Adaptable application with other SGI modules.
  • Integration with SGI Moda, defining models for articles by variants, sizes, sub-sizes and colors.
  • Raw materials, semi processed and cost management also with multi-attribute treatment.
  • Processing of grouped data: updating of prices by bills of materials, simulation of manufacturing orders, creation of orders for external phases, etc.
  • Advanced BOMs with utility for cost evaluation and input control.
  • MRP (Material Requirements Planning) functionalities with degree of advance in season: calculation of needs by machine, personnel and materials, continuous stock management.
  • Assistants for the creation, management and closing of manufacturing orders.
  • APS systems for the control of productive capacities according to work centers, machines, operators and production orders.
  • Control of internal and external phases in the production process.

  • Queries of the manufacturing status and total times per phase, with the corresponding control of deviations in real time.
  • Compatibility with the WIP control for the continuous calculation of the variables of the current work cycle (inventories of raw materials, allocation of costs by phase, financial account of the produced good).
  • Work manager and time capture in the plant: data collection in the production plant in order to obtain the information quickly and reliably (presence of operators, manufacturing times, etc.).

  • Shipping management: picking for manufacturing orders, issuing of shipping labels and printing of the delivery note.
  • Traceability of the product, object of transformation, from the supplier of the necessary materials to the expedition to the client.

Effective manufacturing management

  • Minimization of capital investments and maximization of profitability (ROI) in the short term, thanks to increased planning precision and efficiency.
  • Reduction of delivery time thanks to the analysis of the feasibility of manufacturing the product and the development of processes.
  • Optimization of logistics and greater control of purchasing planning.
  • Optimization of resource use and acceleration of product launches with proven solutions thanks to centralized management of production planning.
  • Availability of program information at all levels of the company: from executives to plant personnel.
  • Achieving shorter launch times, increasing plant capacity and controlling material costs thanks to detailed visibility into quality issues.
  • Production of capital investment costs through pooling and reuse.

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