The Solution for data exchange

SGI EDI is the integrated solution with SAP Business One, with platform EDICOM it allows to carry out exchanges (send and reception) of commercial documents for telematic way.

Solution designed for small and big trades devoted to different entrepreneurial sectors. Its purpose is to manage delivery notes, invoices, purchase orders, deals and other electronic trade documents to be processed directly from the computer of the issuing company to the company receiving great savings in time and avoid many mistakes.

It allows the import or export of documents EDI through the platform EDICOM, by the exchange of information among organizations that they need of their use for the usual work it has to be highlighted that there are multiple templates, these can be managed easily by our customers or suppliers.

Outstanding templates like for example the existence of templates for Corte Inglés and Galerías Lafayette.

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The main benefits of SGI EDI solution

  • Streamlining business processes.

  • Important decrease of errors in the documents.

  • Decrease of stocks, due to the facility of application of techniques Just-in-Time.

  • Saving of administration costs.

  • Improving the competitiveness of the company that adopts.

The highlights of SGI EDI

  • Easy use and maintenance.

  • Practical forms, good mobility for the environment.

  • Easy and quick creation of templates.

  • Build Edi file quickly.

  • Compatibility with other modules.

  • Adaptability to regulation.

  • Fast implementation.

  • Functionality with SAP Business One.

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