SGI Tool, the solution for development in SAP Business One environments

SGI Tool development tool is the SAP Business One SDK that allows modules to generate a productive and profitable.

SGI Tool architecture is based on extensions or add-ons (features) configurable from a management tool. This is achieved entirely as a tool for your project. The loading of add-ons is quick and hot upgradeable by the company or user.

Some of the objectives of SGI Tool are:

  • Get technical standardization to levels of development.

  • Improve the productivity of development teams.

  • Stanbility and performance.

  • Compatibility of add-ons development of different partners.

  • Access to more and better target customers, overcoming the limitations of SAP Business One.


SGI Tool comes from the hands of Global Software Partner (GSP), SAP partner, who understand that the project SAP Business One had to be supplemented with a modular approach, as they had found a number of problems with the SDK for SAP, UI API / DI API, among which include:

  • Difficulty in programming due to lack of tools provided from SAP.

  • Stability and performance add-ons planned on the UI API.

  • Lack of some objects SAP.

  • Low productivity.

All this had caused some partners had adopted different solutions without having reached a sufficient level of technical standardization that allows transfer of development between them. That is GSP has created tools to shorten the software development cycle found to be complementary.

SGI Tool Kit

SGI Tool pursues the following objectives:

  • Level technical standardization development.

  • Improve the productivity of development teams.

  • Stability and performance.

  • Compatibility developments between partners to adopt this technology. Access to higher.

  • Target customers, overcoming the limitations of SAP Business One.

  • Quick incorporation of new resources to development teams.

  • Simplifying.

  • Customer installations.


By integrating the two development tools leads to a single development environment and technical standards called SGI Tool. Screens .NET can change the logic of SAP and are presented in the implementation of SAP Business One with the same look & feel.

The transmission of SAP events and display screens .NET is in both directions. That is, a screen .NET Standard forms can raise SAP (matchcode, choose from list…). Furthermore, it gives great ease when:

  • Creating new screens.

  • Modify Standard SAP screen.

  • The creation of fields, tabs… in Standard screens.

On the other hand, gives a great performance and stability calculations per line, both in marketing documents as in complex forms.

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