SGI BI Multidimensional Analysis

Is the business intelligence, certified for SAP Business One, which enables the aggregate analysis of the processes of buying, selling, billing and payments, inventory, analytical accounting, integrated with SAP Business One to the right decisions about your business.

Generate numerous reports to the extent and in the desired format without using a computer consultant. Let more people in your organization provide analysis for decision making based on objective data extracted from SAP Business One and other databases.

Information systems are increasingly complex and heterogeneous and the amount of information handled is becoming more extensive. These two factors complicate the decision-making. What’s happening in the business, why it happened and therefore be able to predict what will happen and make the right decisions. The directors and the entire organization must be able to find issues as simple yet as strategic and essential as:

  • What our customers buy (product)?

  • Where do they buy (place, channel)?

  • What is the profitability of each of our products, each customer?

  • What is the evolution of our sales?

  • What differences from expected?

  • How much should we produce?

  • How long before the disposal of the products?

  • What is the current estimate of receipts and payments?

  • Products that are cannibals, buying trends?

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The main characteristics of Business Intelligence

  • Range: Once installed does not require an operator. Automatically load and prepare the information generated during the day.

  • Independence of the ERP or current implementation: The fact of providing a completely dedicated server data mining tasks and analysis, released to the transactional server tasks that consume large amounts of resources, not penalized both the daily activities of the company.

  • Multi-company: Sbobi allows integrating the information of various companies and sources of various data sources.

  • Simplicity: The client tasks are performed on tools for everyday use in business: Spreadsheets, web pages, graphics viewers immediate etcRespuesta: As a system designed for this purpose, data collection is instant and flexible while allowing Users choose what information you want to see without the need for previous designs.

  • Standard: Because it is based on standard server solutions and leaders in the market, ensuring the maintenance and future scalability, as well as connecting to any office tool.

  • Personalization: You may incorporate additional data analysis to those in the ERP as expected, different structuring of information, etc.

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SGI BI Financial

Balances, amounts and balances, ratios, changes in equity, seasonality, working capital.

Allows analytic enterprise, consolidating accounts, accounting, project profit center.

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