Manage manufacturing processes and costs with SGI Moda

The solution integrated with SAP Business One that combines advanced technology with industry best practices.

SGI Moda is the most powerful business management for the textile, footwear and accessories for both distributors, manufacturers and wholesalers. Controls all the processes and helps achieve business success.

With the integration of SGI Moda SAP Business One , coordinate information flows and makes its vertical integration, from the creation and processing of an order to the notice of delivery dates.

SGI Moda management solution is specifically designed to SMEs of the fashion sector, aims to optimize all processes for managing its business.

SGI Moda is a sector that gives solution to the problems of the fashion industry, both to distributors, retailers or manufacturers.

SGI Moda offers the following modules: Mobility, EDI, logistics warehouse connection, Business Plan, Budgets, Shop On-Line, B2B, Business Intelligence, CRM …

SGI Moda optimizing inventory levels of its stores.

SGI Moda provides visibility across the enterprise, synchronizing business processes and control of each operation, allowing to meet the challenges of global market and increasingly demanding.

SGI Moda provides Assistance for safe and detailed planning, makes transparent all levels of production and helps to execute orders quickly and economically with an optimal use of productive capacities.

In the fashion industry, success depends on the ability to respond quickly, accurately and consistently to market demands.

SGI Moda is the key to success!

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The benefits of SGI Moda

These are just some of the benefits SGI Moda:

  • Unification of different applications in one.

  • Control on model, size and color.

  • Mobility management for sales force.

  • Retail . Integrating outlets.

  • Budgets. Optimizes the management of orders.

  • Automatic Exchange stocks between stores.

  • Optimization of stock levels of its stores.

  • Virtual Store On-Line sales.

  • Business Plan. Planned sales of our sales force.

  • Business Intelligence. What happened? What is happening? How to improve

  • CRM. Improving the relationship with suppliers and customers.

  • EDI. The communication medium to large surfaces.

  • Control on production and process automation.

  • Optimizing product cost and purchase management.

  • Optimizes the management of manufacturing and delivery times.

  • Real-time information on the evolution of manufacturing.

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