SGI Solutions: Add-Ons for SAP Business One and SAP HANA

GSP as a supplier of SGI Solutions for SAP Business One (SSP), have create the first portal of Add-ons, Vertical Solutions and Horizontal Solutions for the platform knows HANA and SQL.

Our objective is that the network of Partner of SAP have tools to face with guarantees of success project SAP Business One and KNOWS B1H, accessing to Sectorial markets that without these solutions would not be possible to achieve.

The different Solutiojns /Add-ons SGI offer a value added to his customers, throught the certifications and qualifications obtained since SAP AG, in quality, funcionality, histories of success, strict compliance of the rules of business of SAP and guarantee of evolution.

These acreditacions are the result of the effort of our technical team that has as a aim to offer a result eficient and satisfactory to all our customers.

Our add-ons and/or Horizontal and Vertical Solutions are developed on the techonological platform SAP HANA and allow to obtain a greater performance of the ERP of KNOWS Business One for the small and medium business (SMB). In this sense and thanls to the technology SAP HANA, is possible to work with information in time real to big a speed, int his way the prisoner of decisions is immediate.

Our purpose is the satisfaction of our customers. We showed it day in day out with the support and guaranteee of our Add-Ons SGI.

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